Sn​@​kes of Portland: Volume 1

by The Black Bullet Promise

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Volume 1 of The Black Bullet Promise Singles Series "Sn@kes of Portland"


released May 9, 2015

"$5 Drinks" written by William Chaffin

"Ensenada" written by Brian Fairbanks



all rights reserved
Track Name: $5 Drinks
This drink was $5
But the frown was free
What do the saints say
Oh Lord have mercy on me

She looks real good
In the bar-room lights
But the bar-room lights mess with my eyes

In the cold light of day
Or when I found the night
I was alive and then I saw a flash of light
There's always a right way to spend your time

I don't wanna talk about how you had your fun
You act like you were the only goddamn one
A few went and made it and the rest of us-crumbs
And the rest of us here are just our father's sons
Track Name: Ensenada
Off the coast of Ensenada
On boat we stole from harbor
I sat in silence
Just me and my partner Jack
Never knowing if we'd get back
The path ahead ..timeless

Jack was counting up the gold
And all the treasure we had stole
Serenaded by the oceans sirens
See only one of us read the end
The villains never win
And exit with violence

It's alright

Down on Lexington Way
The jazz drummer plays
For the departed
I saw this couple leave this table
Mesmerized in their fable
It was all so heartless

He handed her a rose
Says there's a hotel that real close
Let's get this thing started
He'll have her ruined by first light
Another mistake she made last night
But he was quite the artist

And it's was alright
Ya it was alright

There are two sides to every coin
And if your still living in Des Moines
Your like the girl at the table
If your living like me and Jack
And running ain't no drawback
Well then you're just unstable

And that's alright
And that's alright