The Truth, My Dear

by The Black Bullet Promise

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As the story goes....a few years ago we were recording a Tom Waits tune...I was drinking.....somehow we both ended up with guitars and spent the next few hours recording one song after another.....having no lyrics.....increasing this idea of some great American tale of lust and the day went on it became more defined as some moral play about a train riding serial killer who really only wanted to fill his heart with the love of one who was lost.....
For a few years this idea churned and burned in our heads as William continued onward and I continued downward....until this spring with the help of our mutual love of Zimmerman we decided to finally make this story that had a beginning and no ending...or was it the opposite?
Trying to stay with only sounds that could be used 100 hundreds years ago or more...placing ourselves easily into the feeling of desperate men who were never satisfied or happy...only and always wanted more....a direction was set but spun quickly like a stream that never quite settled on a horizon....
Our hero...your villain sets out to find that ONE ..fearful of what may happen when all the running ends and he has to make that choice...all the while the hounds are nipping and everyone wants one more slice......
A tale that was so clear in it's intent and so quickly became more than just what may survive in the window we look through...a beauty on the plains stands without measure....a black bullet promise...arrested...tested...the world deflating before expanding...
Will he or won't he when he opens that door and hears that piano and guitar?
Does it really matter...I'm still alive and everything else dies...and is buried...on the Llano Estacado.

BCF 2010


released February 14, 2011

written, produced, recorded, and performed by Brian Fairbanks & William Chaffin

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Track Name: 1st Victim
Music - William Chaffin
Words - William Chaffin

Who can tell me where the truth begins and the bullshit ends?
Who can speak about the wages of all your sin?
If the killer is the monster, then who is your friend?
Tell me-who is your friend?

Since when did the wicked rest? Since when did the wicked rest?
Tell me when did the wicked rest.

I wanna stay with you. (Just Bleed Out)
Not gonna tell me what to do. (Just Bleed Out)
I'll let you know when I'm through. (Just Bleed Out)
I'll let you know when I'm through.

Just breathe out. Breathe out.
Track Name: When the Rain Came
When the Rain Came

Music and Lyrics by Brian Fairbanks
Ferocious Jones Music 2010

I reached in the Dark
I pulled out something I’ve never seen
Something a bit stronger inside it seems
I thought of their names

Along the gallows pole
I looked upon all those I’ve loved and hurt
Trampled and dying, a flower in the dirt
I forgot their names

Damned and guilty
They exclaimed

And I called your name

The world deflates before it expands
Painting the horizon it commands
And all these evil thoughts inside
Are making plans

When the rains came
I felt the cold drops wash upon my skin
A step towards where you and I began
Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

So I called your name
One last time before this story ends
Somewhere, with someone,
Something else begins
And you’ll call his name

The world deflates before it expands
Painting the horizon it commands
And all these evil thoughts inside
Are winding down

I only dreamed that you were mine
Faking it was your crime
And all these evil thoughts we had
Ran out of time
I ran out of time
Track Name: The Swing
People come and go, tie them to a rope
Give them all a dose of the swing
Well I miss my ma and I never knew my pa
But the swing

I don't wanna go to the swing
Well my mama didn't love me and my daddy didn't know nothing

Love is in the throat, Death is in the boat
Hanging from a tree in the swing
Well they're both the same, when you're dealing with the dame
In the swing

When you're gone they say the fire will keep you there
They tie that knot and wash the sins right out their hair
And no one knows the difference

C'mon Play it Man

The laws that they have made, take me to the grave
Not the last to go to the swing
Someone always find a way to break your spine
In the swing

Jesus is the ghost, the ghost I fear the most
They took his weary bones to the swing
I payed for all his crimes, he'll die a long, long time
In the swing

Coming off the floor
Closing all the doors to the swing
They changing all the rules, with a growing group of fools
With the swing

My mama didn't love me and my daddy didn't know nothing
Track Name: The Devil's Sway Pt. 2
The Devil’s Sway Part 2

Music and Lyrics by Brian Fairbanks
Ferocious Jones Music 2010

I whistle the Devil’s Sway
For my darling’s ears

To live beyond the horizon
And walk from your fears

Does my heart still beat
Have you warmed your cold feet
Darlin’ will you reappear?

Cause I need you again
I don’t care where you’ve been
Darlin’ I need you here
Track Name: Arrested
They caught me cause I wanted a ride
I'll find my way back and be by her side
It takes mountains of molehills to stop the turn of the tide

I already wonder how you're sleeping tonight.
Arrested, tested, in love and I confessed it
I'll bring back my heart or my body in pieces
Examine my brain and find peace in the creases

A bad man is gentle deep down in his heart
The victim is sweating and tearing apart
Some may think it cool but some ain't that smart
Uzzah was killed for pulling his cart

I'll ride it through midnight and sleep in my chains
If living is dying then they must be the same
And if that's the case then we'll all go insane
Open the gates and make way for the train

Examine my brain and find love in the creases
Track Name: Llano Estacado
Llano Estacado
Music by William S. Chaffin
Lyrics by Brian Fairbanks

A dance hall
Near the station
At a table

Sat a Beauty
A bottle
And her gun

And the choices
That She made
Will haunt me forever

She just closed her eyes
And picked
It didn’t matter
Which one

Is it just my imagination?
Or is your future
The very same one
You just came from

On the Llano Estacada
Lies a treasure

On the Llano Estacado
Lies my Love

On a plain
Stakes a Beauty
Without Measure

Moving forward
The only way
That She can think of

Was it just my imagination?
Or is your future
The very same one
You came from

A timepiece
Keeping rhythm
On the shoreline

The Man
Doesn’t wait
For Her to come

The Ghosts that brought
Him here
Won’t haunt him forever

It was hard too close his eyes
And know
He wasn’t the one

There has to be a consolation
Knowing my future
Is better than the one
I gave up

And I’m still alive
Yes I’m still alive
As everything else dies

And is buried
On the Llano Estacado

The Truth My Dear?
Track Name: Black Bullet Promise
Music - William Chaffin
Words - William & Jen Chaffin

I rode into town with a knife and a plan
To see a young woman who would make me a man
With rivers of whiskey and bars full of stout
I found out what sadness was really about

Tu-la-lur-ra-aye The killer is coming, hand your head and cry
Tu-la-lur-ra-ah We all have a debt that we gotta pay

Took me to her room she told me some lies
The gun that she showed me was taped to her thighs
Raised my hands to the heavens and I raised them real high
But the devil was waiting for binds that I tied

Met death in the alley I gave her my best
With a black bullet promise to bury my chest
I've seen many things on my way to the end
The truth about life is that we all have no friends

So raise up your glasses you live and you boast
The winters are colder when death rows the boat
No last words to calm you no thoughts for my kin
You ask me to tell you I'll sing it again
Track Name: Make You Mine
Music - William Chaffin
Words - William Chaffin

I broke the chains and ran toward you girl
The devil and his dogs close behind
And if I can beat them and run through the night
As God as my witness I'll make you mine

Talk of the prophets that warn of dark days
The dark days are coming to all of you
And if I can't have you
I'm gonna have all your heir to
And the blood that will run into the pools

Make you mine
Lord have mercy

I know you're waiting
I know what they said
A mountain of lies
That are all true
If I'm alive
I know I'm not dead
I'm gonna run
Back home to you

Make you mine
Lord have mercy
Track Name: The Devil's Sway Pt. 3
Music and Lyrics by Brian Fairbanks
Ferocious Jones Music 2010

There may come this day...
Before your memory sails...
Down the river where forever may fail...
Track Name: The Set Up (And Then It Was Time to Go)
The Set Up (and then it was time to go)

Music and Lyrics by Brian Fairbanks
Ferocious Jones Music 2010

Well I walked out of Texas
Like I knew this Dream
Without a clue

I had come to settle things
With the Girl
Who had settled on the blues

She’d set the storm on the loose
Swayed the Devil
In his place of delight

All these fine memories
That I had
Of holding her real tight

But I’d been set up
With the get up
Her rings cut me
As I did arrive

To see her Blond hair
And Blue eyes
And shadows that danced at night

I went out of my mind
When I saw the line
Leading in to town

You know it’s quite a risky business
Showing up
And not telling anyone you’re around

I could have loved her forever
Laid in her place
Until I died

But Blond hair
And Blue eyes
Had other plans
Lying by her side

I pushed you
Far Away
I put you
Far Away

She paints the moonlight
My eyes danced
As her shadow twirls

And with those large blue eyes
You say,
“Darlin’ you remember you once held this girl”

I do

I once held this girl
I tried
But it never rang true

We keep our secrets alive
Mine survive
As the window I look through

So I rode into Juarez
Still sane
As she led me inside

I said,
“ I’ll love you forever,
As long as forever’s tonight”

Oh, anything else I’d tell you
Would be lovely
A lovely little lie

Now with that blond hair
And blue eyes
Darling we both know
You’ll get by
Track Name: The Verdict (Welcome to Hell)
Music - William Chaffin
Words - William Chaffin

Knife goes in the cruelest way
Like butter slicing through the rain
Take off your shoes and stay insane
Bite your lip and train

Either way you look at it
It's no surprise that the world has turned to shit
And men like me were never born to live
It's best to take and forget to give

After all this time I'm going home
I never thought that I would be all alone
When you lie to yourself you cut right to the bone
Nowhere to go when you're left to roam
Track Name: Twilight

Music and Lyrics by Brian Fairbanks
Ferocious Jones Music 2010

There will come a day
There will come a day

Before your memory sails
Down the river
Where forever may fail

There will come a day
There will come a day

Lay down your weary strings
At twilight
And you and I go on
Together through life

I will find a way
I will find a way